lunedì 14 aprile 2008

A Second Look at Virtual Worlds

Interessante analisi realizzata da eMarketer, sull'engagement di second Life.
Dopo il recente congresso a NY, Virtual Worlds dove si è molto parlato delle differenti declinazioni di questo mondo virtuale.

Alcuni estratti dell'articolo:
"Data is trackable on where users are, what in-world items they have and the like," Mr. Steiger said. He added that although many metrics were not comparable from world to world (e.g., Second Life user data and user data might not be completely apples-to-apples), basic statistics like number of users and time spent using a branded item were always useful.
Ben Richardson, vice president of business development for virtual world parent Makena Technologies, told eMarketer that rather than attempt to gain brand recognition within an established community, marketers could also create their own virtual worlds.